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Dieting and nutrition are subjects in which experts have contradictory opinions. Some doctors say we should keep fats to a minimum and other say we should consume at least 50% of our calories from healthy fats and oils. Some doctors recommend specific foods and supplements, while others remain skeptical of that advice and recommend against it. doctor

Who do we listen to?

The answer is everyone is different, and everyone needs to find a solution that works best for them. Every single one of us has different genetic makeups, biochemistry, bacteria and viruses living inside of us. You might be naturally very skinny while I may be on the heavier side.

This statement is evident when you read it, but people do not approach dieting and nutrition this way even when they know this. My recommendation is to start in the middle, meaning you ingest proper amounts of every macronutrient.

Well, what are the proper amounts?

Here is where things get interesting. Because if every single thing you ingest is healthy, you should be able to continue to eat it without worry. So check out this roadmap below that will show you exactly what foods are more toxic in comparison to others. If you eat foods that are in the “green zone” then you will be okay eating as many as you would like.

So that covers foods, but what about supplements? The Paleo group will tell you that anything that was not available to our ancestors should not be considered healthy or something we should ingest. I think that is nonsense. I do, however, see where they are coming from. Here at Planettic, we understand there should be no extreme of anything. There should just be open-mindedness, an understanding of modern science that is not skewed for special interests. Like the American Heart Association is these days.

Our company enjoys supplements and nootropics

Like we mentioned in the beginning, you should test and see what works for you. Go after the grass fed foods, such as Kerrygold grass fed butter, and pasture raised meats and eggs. This will be much better for your health because the fat you are ingesting when you opt for those options brings so much more value.

Some supplements we enjoy are collagen proteins since the modern foods we eat never contain those proteins and amino acids to help our skin, hair, connective tissue, and joints. In our expert opinion, this is an essential.

Having a clean and organic green supplement that provides an array of vitamins, minerals, and whole foods are amazing. It can tough to prep and a cook so many vegetables within your meals so this can be a substitute, and also offer things that vegetables alone simply cannot.

Nootropics is an interesting and controversial topic to discuss. We enjoy stacking nootropics which mean to take multiple brain supplements that have a synergistic effect with one another. This way, we can receive full benefits and effects of nootropics with little to no downsides. You can read more about them here.

Water is a huge factor to us. What type of water are you drinking? We prefer ionized alkaline water over any other kind. It is very high in antioxidants and molecular hydrogen, as well as uses advanced filtration. Another benefit is the fact that it keeps those alkaline minerals in the water, which is essential for your body. The best way to have consistent alkaline water is from a water ionizer.

Take a look at the Tyent ionizer we use with this video below.




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