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Here at Planettic.com, we strive to create a community where our visitors are engaged. Our company is a great resource for health, nutrition, and current events in the health industry because we receive news from many different trusted sources. We also read scientific journals that publish new studies, so we can share with you the latest and best news.


We bring you this information because we care, and we want people to be informed of what they are putting in their body. With that said, please do not bring negative energy to this blog or the other visitors engaging with the content. There is no reason for it, and there are many healthier ways to get your message heard. If you disagree with something, simply say it and why you think that way. Even top doctors and experts in their industry have different opinions on certain topics.


This blog is as good as its viewers. We strive to be the best on our end to provide you with non-bias, science based content. Please honor that and respect each other.


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