The Benefits of Alkaline Water

Is All Alkaline Water Treated Equally?

With all this buzz around the topic of alkaline water, there comes with it many skeptics and questions. A question we hear all the time is if all alkaline water is treated equally. The short answer; no.

Water with an above neutral pH occurs naturally in some places like Figi, Hawaii, and locations near mountains. This natural alkalinity occurs due to the mineral content dissolved in the water. Therefore, some of them contain higher pHs than others.

There is also ionized, alkaline water which creates alkaline water through electrolysis. Electrolysis is an electrical process used to separate the ions in the water into alkaline and acid streams. For this to happen, one would need a quality water ionizer. Alkaline water ionizers are machines that filter and ionize water to create an alkaline pH for drinking. The ionized water has more antioxidants measured by negative ORP (oxidation reduction potential) than naturally occurring water.

Reverse Osmosis Water

Reverse osmosis water (RO) uses a process to strip water to contain absolutely no minerals. This sounds good in theory, but what you are doing is taking away everything from the water both good and bad. What occurs as a result, is the water has a more negative effect than alternatives that are readily available.

The solution produced by an RO system is “dead water.” There are absolutely no minerals in the water that our bodies need, so the body will pull those minerals from the bones and muscles to function properly. Does that sound healthy to you? We don’t think so either.

Bottled Alkaline Water

Many brands produce alkaline water in a bottle. Some are better than others, but ultimately there is something you should all know. When you attempt to store alkaline water, you begin to lose a lot of the healthy properties within it over time, which is not long in retrospect. After about 12 hours, 60% of the water’s health properties are gone. So, by the time the water gets to you in a bottle, it’s almost useless.

What Does Alkaline Water Do For Me?

Great question. The human blood needs to maintain a pH of 7.25-7.35, which are both slightly alkaline numbers. Most of the foods and beverages we consume on a daily basis are acidic so contributing to that is not a smart move. Most diseases, including cancer, cannot survive in an alkaline environment or body. So by consuming more alkaline water, you can detoxify your body, supercharge your energy and take back control of your biology.


Alkaline Water and its effect on diseases

By ingesting more alkaline minerals from clean, ultra-filtered water, you have a highly negative oxidation reduction potential reading or ORP. This creates a highly antioxidant environment that reduces free radicals within the body. By reducing oxidation and free radicals, our bodies have less work to do cleaning and more time to work on being resilient. This also helps keep your body free of most diseases, and help slow the growth of them as well.

The Best Water For Your Home

We recommend using an alkaline water ionizer system in your home. They are both health and financial investments since you end up saving money from not needing to purchase water bottles. Do your homework on what model works best for you, but the best in class is the Tyent Water Ionizer.